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Influence of metabolic risk on adaptation of mean arterial pressure with endurance training and detraining: study of males with mild hypertension PDF
Comparison of blood glucose level in diabetics undergoing orthopedic surgeries with general or spinal anesthesia PDF
Plasma levels of plasminogen, fibrinogen and plasmin non-diabetic and smoker patients with coronary artery disease PDF
The effect of hydro ethanol extract of parsley leaves (petroselinum crispum) on spermatogenesis in male wistar rats receiving lead acetate PDF
Immunohistochemical study of COX-2 in melanocytic skin lesions PDF
Phenotypic and molecular detection of esbl-producing genes tem-1 and shv-1 in uropathogenic escherichia coli isolates PDF
Effectiveness of glargine insulin on recovery of patients with diabetic ketoacidosis PDF
Biomechanical characteristics changes with ocular response analyzer in keratoconic eyes after intrastromal corneal ring segment (keraring) implantation PDF
Efficacy of aquatic therapy on electromyography indexes and pain intensity in men with non-specific chronic low back pain PDF
Evaluation of simultaneous open prostatectomy and preperitoneal inguinal herniorrhaphy with polypropylene mesh application with single incision PDF
In vitro susceptibility of pseudomonas aeurogenosa isolated from urinary tract of patients with uti to doxycycline and tigecyclin and comparison with other anti pseudomona antibiotics PDF
Relation between ape1 gene -141t>g polymorphism and idiopathic male infertility PDF
Transposition of latissimus dorsi to the elbow inorder to elbow make extention and homeros coverage PDF
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