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Serum levels of Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-I) as an indicator associated with aerobic and anaerobic fitness assessment in adolescent boys PDF
Diagnostic value of C- reactive protein and white blood count in patients with suspicious appendicitis PDF
Comparing the effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and pharmaceutical hyoscine – promethazine compound on duration of the first phase of labor PDF
Effect of long term use of arch support foot orthoses on walking ground reaction force asymmetry index in children with flexible flat feet: A cohort study PDF
Comparison of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1 responses to high intensity and low intensity resistance training with and without blood flow restriction in adolescent male athletes PDF
Effect of aerobic exercise training along with omega-3 supplementation on CRP and IL-6 in obese older women PDF
Comparison of temperament and character of patients with major depressive disorder with control group PDF
Comparison of apoptotic markers and protamine deficiency in sperm of infertile individuals with varicocele and fertile men PDF
Effect of different recovery periods during a high Intensity Training (HIT) session on some hematologic factors and Muscle Damage in active males PDF
Relationship between trunk extensor muscle's endurance and static postural stability in hyperkyphotic and normal kyphotic women with osteoporosis PDF
Effect of 12 weeks aerobic, resistance and combined trainings on serum levels of NGF in diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy PDF
Investigation of CTLA-4 +49 A/G gene polymorphism in the Leprosy patients and their effects on type and severity of disease PDF
Serum level of PAPPA-A (pregnancy associated plasma protein-A) at first trimesterand its relation with adverse pregnancy outcome PDF
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ISSN 2008-160X (Online)